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Browser - A program that views the Internet HTML language and graphics.

CGI Common Gateway Interface - A web standard for adding additional functions to HTML. Special script is loaded onto your ISP's web server and your HTML page references the CGI.

Content Managment System (CMS site) - A content management system is web based software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. Joomla! is the CMS used by Laughing Water Media.

Designer - The individual/s who create your website concept and graphics. Usually all aspects of your web site except scripts that run on your ISP's server. However, they work closely with your service provider to ensure your site will operate smoothly.

Dial-Up/DSL/Wireless Fee - A fee that is charged by your ISP that provides you with access to the Internet and email options, generally paid monthly. You must have Internet access to provide a email address to your customers/clients.

DNS - Domain Name System - This is the Internet address system that uses words with dots between them. The name is read from the most specific to the most general. USA top domains are .com (commercial) .edu (education) & .gov (government). You can register your own domain name with one of the above extensions ($70 for two years)or you can use your ISP's domain name followed by an 8 character file name for your web site address.

Email - Electronic Mail - A system that allows you to compose messages and transmit them over the Internet or within a network or Internet.

Flash - Adobe Flash is a multimedia web platform. Since its introduction in 1996, Flash has become a popular method for adding animation and interactivity to web pages; Flash is commonly used to create animation, advertisements, and various web page components, to integrate video into web pages, and more recently, to develop rich Internet applications.

Forms - Interactive Forms - Forms are created on web pages to collect information from the reader/viewer of your site. The information is then sent to you through email. Forms also send information to a secure server for credit card purchases.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol - The system used to transfer/copy files from computer to another using the Internet. When your website is moved to your ISP's server this type of transfer is used.

Gif - Graphic Interchange Format - This format was created to compress an image so it is much smaller in file size than the original graphic. This created a smaller file that is moved over the Internet and it will display more quickly on the web page.

Graphics standards for Print - Graphics such as logos and other art in addition to photographs are designed at a high resolution, usually 300dpi(dots per inch)for color images and 600dpi for black and white. They can then be printed or reproduced at a high quality. Printable graphics can always be adjusted for use on the Internet.

Graphics standards for the Web - The Web browsers can only display images at 72 DPI, which is less than 1/4 the quality of printable graphics. Web graphic must be redesigned at a higher quality for print.

Home Page - Your front door - First page that a client/customer will see when they visit your site. This page will have links to other pages in your website and will be the main page your viewers are directed back to.

Hosting/Web Hosting - Your web site html files(pages), graphics, sound files and needed scripts will be loaded onto your the ISP's computer (server). Their server will provide anyone requesting to view your site over the Internet access to your website.

Hosting/Web Hosting Provider- This company will provide the server referred to above allowing viewers on the Internet to ability to access your site. The Hosing Provider will provide other special services that allow you to add features to your website. See Our Hosting Options

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language - A special language used to create pages on the Web.

HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Your browsers and the web servers use this to communicate to each other.

Internet - A large organized integrated network connecting universities, research institutions, government, businesses, and other organizations so that they can exchange messages and share information.

Intranet - A private network that is has restricted access within an organization. This system uses the same concept and standards as the Internet.

ISP - Internet Service Provider - The company who provides your access to the Internet for email and we site hosting services. You may have a different provider for your web site other than your email service.

JavaScript - A scripting language that extends the capabilities of your HTML. It was designed by Netscape. Browsers older than 3.0 may not be able to read this language.

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group - JPEGs were designed to convert and compress photographs for use on the Web.

Key words - 5-7 key words that describe your business, location, service or product. Words that a client/customer would use to "Google" search for your business.

Links - A graphic or text that has the ability to send the viewer to another location within your web site or to another website or address on the Internet. When you move your mouse over a link (graphic or text) the mouse becomes a pointer finger and text links will generally be underlined.

META Tags - Provides additional information to the robots that spider or scan your site when it is registered. It is an additional way to add key information in addition to your website content.

Password - The password is made up of a set of numbers, letters or combination of both that are known only by you. This password used with your user ID/name give you access to your ISP on-line service account.

Register - Each search engine must receive information on your web site to catalog it in the right category and to list it by your key description words.

SEO Search Engine Optimization - This involves the adjustment of a websites page content and code to increase its visibility in search engines.

Search Engines - A search engine is a program/vehicle that provides key word searches for any information that has been registered on the web.

Server - Your ISP maintains a computer that is linked directly to the Internet and feeds information from its data files to browsers on the Internet.

Updates to Your Web Site - You will need to make changes to text/copy to update prices or information in your site. This may be done through your designer as often as needed.

URL Uniform Resource Locator - Also known as a web page/site address or location An addressing system that locates documents (web sites and their content) on the Internet.

User Name/ID - Your user name/id is used with a password you choose to access a computer. Your ISP will require this dial-up ID and your password to give you access to their on-line Internet service. The user ID/Name is also the first part of your email address and is then followed by the @ sign and the domain name. (Ex. yourname is the user id/name and is the domain name.

Visitor Counter - This option allows you to see the number of visitors to your page they can also be invisible to the viewer, but in a separate location for you to monitor. An example is at the Art Cottage home page in the center left column.

Webmaster - A webmaster can be in charge of the website maintenance, server maintenance or both. If you experience a problem with a web site or have a question or comment you can find the email address for the webmaster at the bottom of the home page on the web site.

WWW/Web - All Internet computers and services that provide a system for finding resources and information. Services include HTML, video, sound, and multimedia.

Website/Web Pages - A group of pages linked together to create your business image. They provide information about your products or services, interactive forms and interaction on the Internet.


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